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strawberry love.

the stars, too, they tell of spring returning...

Shae Colleen
i cannot hope
to touch the sky
with my two hands

hey, i'm shae and it's still nice to meet you. some things have changed since this journal began. it's still pretty gay. but now it's more about being a person.

if you want to explain me psychologically, give a monkey strawberries and make it watch free to be you and me and mary martin's peter pan on a daily basis. then see how long it takes until it decides to dye its hair pink and pierce everything.

i graduated from nyu, class of 2011. i studied drama at stella adler studio. my loyalty there will never falter. now my heterolifemate blake and i are co-artistic directors of a theatre company. it doesn't exist in much beyond idea yet, but we're getting somewhere. we live in bushwick, w, at casa de dr. fucking strangelove. we have two cats, scout (or chonas) and minerva (or minnie). the former is socially inept and the latter is perpetually a four-year-old prissy little girl. they make mischief.

i love life, and love to love it. this statement also goes right along with whatever spirituality i choose to harbor at any given time. i was raised unitarian, call myself a pagan, and think that if everyone gave more hugs it would resolve a lot of issues.

one day, meredyd and i will rule the world. eschewcapitals can help, maybe, but if i regress from society permanently in a lesbian-snuggling bubble it's all her fault.

i watch far too much television. i read about queen elizabeth i for fun. i tidy my living room every night. i still sleep with a teddy bear. i'm an actress and activist. i like to drink tea. mostly, i tell stories. that's the important part.


-to the muse angel, always love-

Credit to mentahelada for my beautiful layout.
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